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Things to Consider While Changing Curtains in your Prefab Home

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Changing the different fixtures and updating the interior decoration can be a great way to ensure good value for prefabricated homes. Window and door curtains are fundamental interior parts of any home, not just the prefab homes and offer privacy together with a decorative edge. Fitting curtains to prefabricated homes is a real simple affair and with a little creativity, you can easily make the interior of your prefab home attractive. The important things that you need to consider while shopping for prefab home curtains are explained below.


You will need to measure the length and width of the window properly to understand the dimensions of the curtains needed to decorate your home. Make sure to allow for a slight overhang at the bottom, as it will offer a pleasant visual effect when you pull the curtains together. To ensure a perfect fit for the curtains, you will need to pin the curtain to the proper size while the curtain is in the hanging position.

Material and Color

Using an assortment of colors can help you transform your prefab home so that it promotes feelings of warmth and space. Modular home manufacturers say that rusty and red colors are good choice in colder locations as these colors will give a summer glow to the home. Using light colors like beige, white, and pastel yellow promotes feeling of openness in confined areas. However, if you wanted to bring a more natural element to the home, you can use green color curtains.

Curtain Clips and Rails

If you are looking for easy to install curtain rails, then you can use plastic rails. You will just need a screwdriver and some drilling to fit the plastic rails. These rails are easy to manipulate and will allow you to make changes easily. Make sure that you allow about six inches of extra track on each side of the window. This is to make sure that the hanging curtains do not obstruct light when the curtains are pulled back.

Poles and Rings

Curtain poles can be an attractive and strong alternative to the plastic rails. These poles are available in a variety of materials like wood and many decorative materials that can add to the décor of the prefab home. Installation is more complicated when compared to that of plastic rails, but once they are in place, they will offer a classic look to the house. Matching curtain rings can be used to complement curtain poles.