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Storage Tips for Small Prefabricated Houses

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Are you struggling with the limited space in your small prefabricated house? If so, you can make your home feel bigger than what it actually is; but that would be possible only if you know how to manage the space.

Storage is an important area that can help you save much space inside your home. Here are some useful tips that can help you optimize the space available in your prefab house. Understand the tips thoroughly and implement these tips in your small prefab homes.

Select Right Furniture

Whether it is the cupboards, the chairs, the beds or the center tables, it is important to select the right furniture to have a smart storage. It will be helpful to have beds with storage or bunk beds. Bunk beds will help you save much space inside the bedroom, but beds with boxes will offer you additional storage space.

Hooks on Doors and Wall

Hooks will help you to make use of the walls and doors of your prefabricated house. These hooks attached to the doors and walls can be very helpful in saving space as they can be used to display jackets, keys, scarves and hats. An important thing to ensure while hanging things on doors is that the door and the hook have the capacity to withstand the weight of the hanged item.

Wall Shelves

This is a simple technique. You may have as many shelves as you wish on your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen walls. These shelves can be used to store important things and not just photos and frames. You may keep lightweight things like medicines, books, gifts, stationary items, etc., on these shelves.

Television Wall Mounting

Wall mounting the television will help you avoid the extra space that the TV cabinet will take. You can have many TV mounting options ranging from tilt mounts, flat panel mounts, articulating mounts and swivel mounts. You may also use raceway to hide and route the cables of the television to make the mounting clean and tidy.

Use Baskets

This is a simple yet efficient way to store things. You may hide these baskets under the beds after loading them. This technique can be helpful if you do not have storage beds or box beds. You may store things like shoes and socks, old newspapers and magazines, metal tools, etc., in these boxes and put them under the bed to avoid clutter.