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Steps for Installing an A/C Handling Unit in a Prefabricated House

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Installing An A/C Handling Unit

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems can be a little bit complex in multistory and large homes, but when it comes to factory-built homes, they are usually one story, straight-line systems. Some of the newly designed prefabricated homes in the country often come with air conditioning, particularly in areas with cold climate.

Adding air conditioning to the HVAC system of your prefabricated house is a simple process and you do not even have to hire a technician to do the job. However, you should have a clear knowledge on how to install an A/C handling unit in new manufactured homes. Below are a few steps that will help you efficiently install a new A/C handling unit in your home.

  • Turn off the electricity in your home and then the furnace. In addition to that, it is also best to turn off the gas at the meter.
  • Carefully unpack the air handler, evaporator coils, and hardware. Now, thoroughly read the instruction manual, as different models can have unique assembly requirements and fittings.
  • The conditioned air enters into the ductwork through the plenum. So, you will have to separate the furnace from the plenum. Ductwork is commonly installed beneath the floor of a prefabricated house, which means that the plenum will be located below the furnace.
  • Before assembling, the drip pans make sure to remove one of the sides of the air handler box. Now, carefully slide the evaporator coil on the rails in the cabinet.
  • You will now have to set the air handler above the plenum. Additionally, you should also seal the ducts with tapes, as instructed in the installation guide.
  • If you want to replace your furnace’s blower, then bolt the new blower to the air handler’s shelf and tighten the bolts. After that, slowly reattach the furnace to the top the air handler.
  • Connect the big insulated section tube, which carries fluid to the external condenser. Now, check the connections and ensure all items are properly connected
  • Wire the blower fan to the furnace control as per the instructions. Connect the drip pan and drip line, add internal filters, and replace the cabinet cover.

If you are not able install the A/C handling unit on your own, it would be best to seek the help of an expert technician.