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Modular homes have become the preferred living option for many. Their assortment of features like quality, durability, customization, etc., has resulted in them being increasingly favored over conventional homes. Most modular home manufacturers provide prefabricated homes with many built-in standard additions. This ensures that the home is ready to occupy soon after completing the building process in the factory. Besides that, the addition of many other items can enhance the value of your modular home.

Common exterior and interior upgrades like outdoor living spaces, carports, and garages, as well as good sustainability features, can improve the living experience offered by the home. The addition of these optional extras will certainly increase the resale value of the home along with providing aesthetic appeal and money savings. Described below are some of the must-needed extras to increase the value of modular homes.

Sustainable Features

Incorporating sustainable feature into the home is the best way to increase its value and the overall living experience offered. Sustainable features such as good insulation and double glazed windows can result in more efficiency. This will assist in drastically cutting the costs involved in the heating and cooling system of the home. Installing solar water heaters is another great way for cutting down the costs.

The inclusion of LED lighting is another efficient sustainable feature for modular homes. They require much lesser electricity to operate and have larger life spans than conventional bulbs. Such additions enhance the Energy Star rating of the home that will definitely increase the value of the home among prospective buyers.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living spaces like verandah, deck, or alfresco area are some of the must-have additions to boost the overall value of modular homes. Considering the type of outdoor space needed is dependent on the budget, available land, type of climate, and size of the family. Such spaces offer a perfect place for the inhabitants for relaxing and entertaining. In addition, they also add immense value and look to the home, thereby increasing the resale value of the home.

Outdoor spaces are easier and cost-effective when added during the construction of the house. Including it later is possible but can get quite difficult and expensive.


Including a carport is an excellent way to enhance the overall value of the home. Most manufacturers offer a range of carport designs that suits well with any housing design. Carports can either be attached to the house or remain independent of the home. In addition, they are available in two different sizes single and double.