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Many potential homebuyers have a misconception that all prefabricated homes are identical and they look exactly the same. However, prefabricated homebuilders implement different designs and other strategies while building homes to ensure that these housing structures look unique from one another.

If you are planning to build an affordable prefab home, then the initial thing to do is to find a prefab home manufacturer who builds custom designed homes. Consult with your homebuilder before starting the construction and tell them what you need. Obviously, this will help you to build a prefabricated home of your dreams.

If you are proceeding with the plan of building a new prefab home, then you should have a good knowledge on the common prefab home customization options. Some of the most popular customization options offered by prefab homebuilders include aluminum siding, vinyl siding, and a brick exterior.

However, it is significant to note the fact that if you choose brick, then it will be added only after delivering the home to your building site. You also enjoy the luxury of adjusting the window placement of your prefab home and you can also choose the windows according to your wish and needs.

In addition to that, you can also pick the type of flooring for your prefab home. Most prefab homeowners usually choose carpeting or hardwood. However, if you are unable to decide what type of flooring suits your home better, then consult with your homebuilder and ask them for their suggestion.

The prefab home manufacturers who offer 100% custom modular homes will certainly allow you to change anything you want. This means that you can decide the number of floors in your home and make changes. In addition to that, you will be also able to add overhangs, windows, dormers, and any other add-ons or upgrades, as you prefer. However, we highly recommend you to write this into your prefab home building contract, as it will help you to avoid misunderstandings with the manufacturer.

If you insist to make changes to your housing structure during the construction process, then it might delay the construction process. Besides, if you have an efficient plan on what you need, then it will be of great help to your builder. So, make sure to adapt a careful plan and implement it without any mistakes.