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Features of Prefabricated Homes that Makes Them the Ideal Sustainable Living Option

Prefabricated Homes
Ideal Sustainable Living Option

Sustainable living has generated quite a buzz among the public nowadays with most of them resorting to such living options. Prefabricated homes are the ideal living options to look for while putting sustainability the top priority. The construction of such home involves less wastage of the raw material, which aids in drastically minimizing the adverse impact on the surrounding environment.

Besides the sustainable construction features, another key aspect of prefabricated homes is their high-energy efficiency. Below are some major feature of prefab homes that makes them the ideal sustainable and energy-efficient living option.

Effective Heating and Cooling

Due to its airtight structure, prefabricated homes have effective heating and cooling systems installed that helps in maintaining the temperature and quality of air in the interiors. Every module in a prefab tiny house has separate walls, floor, and ceiling that are linked with the neighboring modules. Due to this, a prefab home will have an effective separation of well-insulated sections, which is highly beneficial for heating and cooling of the different sections of the home.

This division into zones is a key feature of affordable prefab homes. It enables separately heating and cooling different sections of the home that have numerous benefits such as efficiency and reduction of the costs in the utility bills each month. Moreover, such separate zones will provide heating and cooling only to specific regions such as bedrooms and not the entire home, which will drastically reduce the overall energy consumption.

Airtight Structure

Prefab homes are built in the controlled environment of a factory, and this in a way, contributes to its increasing energy efficiency. Due to this, the various panels and components are fit in perfectly that ensures good sealing unlike a traditional site-built home. The perfect sealing of the components ensures that the amount of outside air that enters the house is much lesser, thereby effectively maintaining the temperature and quality of air inside the home interiors. In addition, prefabricated homes also use effective insulation materials throughout.


Almost all the affordable prefab homes built by manufacturers qualify for earning the EnergyStar certification. Most of the prefabricated homes come with energy star certification as they provide excellent energy efficiency that contributes to the betterment of the environment. Besides its energy star certification, there are numerous other ways to make the home more efficient such as by using energy-efficient appliances, installing programmable thermostats, and by sealing the ventilation ducts.