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Explaining Prefabricated Homes Construction Trends

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Prefabricated Homes Construction Trends

Knowing history can serve you well in many cases. Have you ever thought of the prefabricated homes of today, in comparison to affordable prefab homes of say in 2020? Trump’s America administers energy efficient building methods for the next five years. Here is explaining three popular trends in prefabricated homes construction.

Net Zero Building Concept

The concept of Net Zero is dependent on the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) index, which shows the standard energy consumed by the home. The goal of this type of construction method is to minimize carbon footprint in prefabricated homes. Counties have plenty of builders getting complex projects underway with self-sufficient modules.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is a rating system developed by the United States Green Building Council in order to assess energy efficiency in prefabricated homes among other dwellings. The initiative was undertaken to build the dream homes of a standard American, whose dreams of sustainable living have prospered. LEED uses a point system with due nods to the design aspects. Four type of LEED certifications are awarded to builders – Certified, Silver, Gold, and Platinum – based on the efficiency of construction methods used by them.

Affordable Prefab Homes of Tomorrow

Passive house, for instance, is a voluntary standard of energy efficiency that concentrates on assembling homes on a compact space. Technically this type of certification is known as the ones awarded to a minimal ecological footprint house. This construction results in making very low energy consumption buildings. These buildings will need only little energy to heat or cool inside spaces. To maintain a steady temperature for a sustainable period, appropriate sealing and insulation methods are used. The idea of affordable prefab homes stems from self-sufficiency.

Builders on commercial projects and higher priced prefabricated homes are employing the LEED method of construction. The rating system aims at encouraging market transformation in homebuilding towards sustainable and energy efficient designs. Net Zero may as well be as cheap as they come depending on how well builders inherit the concept. Experts in homebuilding say that passive house is here to stay as this principle can be applied to all types of buildings.