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Effective Ways to Increase the Bathroom Space in Prefabricated Homes

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Increasing Bathroom Space

Prefabricated homes are known for their many benefits such as durability, affordability, and cost effectiveness. It allows carrying out any kind of customization work with ease when compared to a site-built home. This customization aspect can be employed to enhance many features of the home such as its size and comfort.

The bathrooms are one of the major areas in a prefabricated house that is used for any customizations. Most of this is done to increase the size of the bathroom. Usually, such works rely on carrying out a complete remodel of the bathroom for extending the space. However, this is a much costlier method and time-consuming too.

There are many ways to make the bathroom appear bigger than going for a full-scale remodel. These methods can make the best use of the existing spaces for increasing the size of the bathroom. Below are some effective ways to enhance the bathroom space in prefabricated homes.

Installing Corner Sink

Corner sinks are one of the best ways to increase the existing space in a bathroom. Commonly used pedestal sinks can take up much larger space and cause obstructions in the remaining free areas of the bathroom. Consider replacing the pedestal sinks with corner sinks that fit properly to the corner of the bathroom.

Remember to install the corner sink in the opposite position to the toilet. Moreover, avoid placing the sink opposite to the shower as it can obstruct the opening and closing of the shower door.

Fixing Towel Holder on Doors

A lot of space can be saved in the bathroom by fixing the towel holder on the door. It can be mounted on either the shower door or the main door of the bathroom. This will help in saving the space in the walls, which will allow more freedom of movement within the existing bathroom space.

You should hang only the required towels on the holders though and never use it to hang all the bathroom towels. This will allow you to have more space in the bathroom.

Use Shower Curtain

Shower curtains are another way to increase existing spaces in the bathroom. They can move forward and backward that will help in saving space. Replace the shower doors with shower curtains, as shower doors can hinder movement in the existing space in the bathroom due to their in and out movement.

Combos of shower-tub can fit perfectly into smaller spaces, which will help in increasing the existing space of a bathroom. You can get in touch with your prefabricated homes manufacturer for more ideas.