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Modular homes have enjoyed a steady reputation among existing homeowners due to the many advantages they offer such as durability and cost effectiveness. The demands for these types of homes have been increasing with more buyers preferring them to traditional homes.

However, many new buyers are reluctant to accept modular homes as a reliable living option, due to the many misconceptions associated with it. Modular homes have been constantly labeled with bad reputation over many of its aspects. This includes the quality of the homes due to the less building costs involved.

In addition, most people confuse the term modular home and equate it to those of mobile or manufactured homes. These misconceptions have severely hampered the full-scale growth of the modular housing market. The following are some common misconceptions about modular homes and the truth behind them.

Modular, Mobile, and Manufactured Homes

Differentiating between these three housing concepts seems to be the most misunderstood fact about these homes. Modular homes in particular are thought by many to be the same as mobile or manufactured homes as well as their construction. However, the construction used in modular homes is much different from manufactured homes.

Modular homes are built in factories just like mobile and manufactured homes, but they are built as separate modules that are then assembled at the building site. These are transported to the desired location site either as individual pieces or as the whole completed house.

Low Cost and Low Quality

Most homeowners have the false assumption that the lower costs involved in modular homes construction meant that the quality of materials and work is inferior. However, this is false because affordable prefab homes have lower costs involved in their construction is due to its factory built nature.

Furthermore, the materials employed in their construction are superior and the same as a site-built home. Their good insulation features also aid in cutting energy, which is another reason for their lower costs.

Lesser Durability

The misconception of low durability in modular home is also false, since they are constructed in accordance with the highest building standards. Modular homes are strictly subjected to follow the HUD standards, which guarantee exceptional quality and durability. In addition, it has been proven that many modular homes can withstand numerous extreme conditions.

Lack of Design Variety

The lack of design variety was true for modular homes in their initial development period. However, modern modular homes offer huge range of customization option and designs for the homeowners today. This means that you can have the home of your dreams when opting for modular homes.