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The prefabricated home that you live in might be a castle for you. The home certainly does offer comfort and convenience to you and your family. However, many prefabricated homeowners start thinking about building a prefabricated vacation home once they get a handle on their primary home mortgage.

It is true that building a prefab vacation home is no easy task and requires careful planning. If you already have an experienced prefab home builder at your disposal, then proceed to the next step of fixing your budget. If you feel that the decision of building a vacation home is not a financially smart decision for you, then we highly recommend you to rethink your options.

The housing industry has seen tremendous changes in the last few years, which means that your home equity might have undergone a change. If you have lost your home equity, then it might be hard for you to acquire a second mortgage for financing your prefabricated house.

In addition, you should also check whether you could handle a second mortgage. Prefab homebuilders and experts in housing say that the housing costs should be about 1/3 of the homeowners pay. If the housing cost of your present home and prefab vacation home is greater than 1/3 of your pay, then it will be wise not to build a vacation home.

However, building a prefab vacation home is a lot less expensive than building a conventional site-built home. This is because the labor cost is usually very high in popular regions. In addition, building a prefab home will also help you to avoid weather delays that may extend the construction of your prefabricated house.

The second thing you will have to consider before building a prefabricated vacation home is the investment aspect. If you are planning to build your vacation home in a market, which has undervalued land or in an area with less prefabricated homes, then it might adversely affect the value of the prefab vacation home that you are planning to build.

However, if you are building your prefab home to live in it for a long time, you might be protected from the fickle price fluctuations of the prefab vacation homes. On the other hand, if you are building your vacation home for a short term, then conduct a detailed research on your building site, as it will help you to save money.