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Benefits of Using Insulated Vinyl Siding in Modular Homes

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Insulated Vinyl Siding

Many of the modular home manufacturers use insulated vinyl siding in place of costly siding alternatives. Even though some of the manufacturers still prefer the traditional vinyl siding which is not insulated, it will be beneficial for you to use insulated vinyl siding, as it will offer a competitive edge your home.

Concrete, wood, and other materials were used in siding earlier, as these materials can improve the aesthetic appeal of the home. Now, homeowners opt for insulated vinyl siding instead, as it offers beautiful looks to the home and is an energy efficient alternative. Insulated vinyl siding can cost between 1.70 and 4.20 dollars per square feet, but the prices will vary with the brand, profile, and the color being used.

Benefits of Using Insulated Siding

The cost to install insulated vinyl siding is almost the same as that of wood and concrete sidings, but it can be higher than the traditional non-insulated sidings. Insulated vinyl sidings are available in a variety of colors for the homebuyers to choose from, but beige are white are still the most popular and favorite colors among the buyers. Some of the most important benefits of using insulated vinyl siding in modular home construction are mentioned below.

  • They offer improved impact resistance when compared to the traditional vinyl siding options.
  • Some of the insulated vinyl sidings are available with extra insulation foam, which will further increase the insulation of your new modular home.
  • These sidings can help decrease wall irregularities to offer you a solid finish wall
  • They are available in larger sizes for faster and low-cost installation.
  • Specially made pieces of insulated vinyl siding are available for installation in windows and corners
  • As these sidings are already insulated, they will offer better sound control when compared to the conventional vinyl sidings that are not insulated.
  • Low maintenance costs and easy to replace when the panels are damaged
  • They offer better and improved insulation and weather sealing when compared to other siding options.
  • Insulation form used in these panels will not absorb moisture and so it helps to keep away issues due to moisture.
  • Insulated sidings help to save on installation time when compared to the foam backed products.