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Central Air Conditioning

Most of the prefabricated home manufacturers in the US use efficient insulation to keep the house warmer in winter and cooler in summer. However, if you are planning to buy one of the prefabricated homes for sale in an area that gets scorching heat in summer months, then it is wiser to invest in a quality air conditioning system for your home.

There are plenty of cooling options available to prefabricated homeowners and most of them can also be bundled with the purchase of a prefab home. Buying cooling units together is a great idea since it will help you save a few dollars. However, if you are unable to decide which air conditioning system to choose, then below are some of the most popular AC units for prefabricated homes to refine your choices.

Central Air Conditioning

Most of the Central Air Conditioning units heavily rely on an outdoor fan and an indoor compressor for pumping warm air to the outside of your home and they also compress cool air and force it to blow into the interior of your prefabricated home. This air conditioning system distributes air through a duct system, which is usually placed below the crawl space or above the ceilings of prefabricated homes.

Window Air Conditioning

Window Air Conditioning units are the best choice for covering the small rooms of your home. If you want to heat up or cool any one of the rooms in your modular home, then you should certainly invest in a Window Air Conditioning system, as these units normally slide into the opening of your window and it can be easily plugged into a wall outlet. If you are unable to find a right fitting Window Air Conditioning unit, use extra panels for covering the windows in your home.

Portable Air Conditioning Units

Portable Air Conditioning units are actually large towers that operate like wall units. The best part is that this air conditioning system can be easily placed in the large rooms of prefabricated homes. However, you will have to note the fact that Portable Air Conditioning units usually require a venting system to the exterior of your house. You can also consult with your local contractor to find the right air conditioning unit for your house.