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Protecting Prefabricate Homes from Hurricane

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Protecting Prefabricate Homes

If your prefabricated home is located in a hurricane prone area, it will be wiser to take a few necessary steps to prepare your house before the next tornado hits. As hurricanes come quickly, you will only have a minimum amount of time to prepare, which means that you will have to do several things ahead of time. Below are a few simple set of tips that will offer more protection to prefabricated homes in the event of a hurricane.

Secure Shingles

You should initially secure the shingles of your roof because high-speed winds can easily tear the shingles away from your roof, which will in turn result in serious damage to your house. So, secure the loose, damaged, and old shingles by removing the loose nails and by applying cement to them before reattaching them.

Window Covers

If you are living near a coast where large storms or hurricanes occur frequently, you should consider about investing in storm shutters. It is true that they can be a little bit expensive but they do offer better protection to the windows of your prefab home. However, you could also settle for cheap plywood planks and place them in the windows.

Store Patio Furniture

You might be probably aware of the fact that flying debris can pose serious threats to you and your neighbors. The patio chairs and umbrella in your home may fly off, crash into cars and windows, and destroy everything as they move. So, if you have patio furniture, store them inside your home before the storm hits your house.

Trim Trees and Bushes

Loose branches, old trees, and other plant debris might cause serious issues if they become airborne during a hurricane. So, ensure that the trees in your property are healthy and alive and they do not have any loose branches, which might fall on top of your house or surrounding structures in the events of a hurricane.

Check the Landscaping

If your yard is landscaped with small rocks or gravel, then these rocks can be tossed by the wind during a hurricane attack. The tossed rocks could smash the windows and doors of your prefab home and cause serious damages. So, if you are living in a hurricane prone area, landscape the yard with grass or wood chips.