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Prefabricated Homes for Sale

One-Story vs. Two-Story Prefabricated Homes

Prefabricated Homes for Sale
Two-Story Prefabricated Homes

One of the major advantages of building prefabricated homes is that homeowners will be easily able to customize the home as per their needs at an affordable budget. So  the first and most important thing to do after deciding to build a prefabricated house is to find an experienced prefab home manufacturer.

If you have already found a prefab homebuilder, then the next step will be choosing a home plan. This is a crucial part of the homebuilding process and you should be willing to spare a quality amount of your time to select the right plan for your house.

One of the most important decisions that you will have to make during this stage is to decide whether you want a one-story prefab home or a two-story prefab home. Having a clear idea on the different benefits offered by one-story and two-story modular homes will certainly help you to decide which one is the suitable choice for your home. Some of the key benefits of building a one-story modular home are as follows.

  • You will not have to use square footage for a staircase but you will need one to your basement
  • Additional living place and increased attic and basement space for storage
  • Safer for younger kids and an easier option for older individuals
  • Easier to evacuate the house in an event of fire accident
  • Decreased noise transmission, as sound will not travel through the walls of rooms on the same floor

Some benefits you can enjoy by building a two-story modular home are as follows.

  • Great separation of private and public spaces
  • Increased privacy for second story bedroom, which is particularly appreciated by kids and seniors
  • You will be able to build a bigger home on a smaller property
  • Less roof maintenance
  • Better for the environment, as less land is distributed during the construction of your home

Carefully evaluate the benefits offered by both one-story and two-story modular homes before making a decision. If you are not able to reach a decision, then do not be hesitant to consult with your prefab homebuilder, as they will help you reach a conclusion. In addition to that, you should also consult with prefab homeowners in your neighborhood and ask them for advice.