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Building a Prefab Vacation Home

The prefabricated home that you live in might be a castle for you. The home certainly does offer comfort and convenience to you and your family. However, many prefabricated homeowners start thinking about building a prefabricated vacation home once they get a handle on their primary home mortgage. It is true that building a prefab vacation home is no easy task and requires careful planning. If you already have an experienced prefab home builder at your disposal, then proceed to the next step of fixing your budget. If you feel that the decision of building a vacation home is not […]

How to Build Custom Prefabricated Homes

Many potential homebuyers have a misconception that all prefabricated homes are identical and they look exactly the same. However, prefabricated homebuilders implement different designs and other strategies while building homes to ensure that these housing structures look unique from one another. If you are planning to build an affordable prefab home, then the initial thing to do is to find a prefab home manufacturer who builds custom designed homes. Consult with your homebuilder before starting the construction and tell them what you need. Obviously, this will help you to build a prefabricated home of your dreams. If you are proceeding […]

A Few Factors that Affect Prefabricated House Pricing

It is true that there is no simple answer to “What is a general price estimate for a prefabricated home?” or “What is the price of a prefab home?” Yet if you are planning to buy a new prefab home for you and your family to live in, then having an idea on the factors that determine the price of prefabricated homes is crucial. This is because if you know the factors that affect the price of a prefabricated house, then it will certainly help you to strike a better deal when you are buying the house. Below are a […]

Common Misconceptions about Modular Homes

Modular homes have enjoyed a steady reputation among existing homeowners due to the many advantages they offer such as durability and cost effectiveness. The demands for these types of homes have been increasing with more buyers preferring them to traditional homes. However, many new buyers are reluctant to accept modular homes as a reliable living option, due to the many misconceptions associated with it. Modular homes have been constantly labeled with bad reputation over many of its aspects. This includes the quality of the homes due to the less building costs involved. In addition, most people confuse the term modular […]

Future Ready Aspects of Designer Prefab Homes

The demands of homeowners across the world have moved well beyond conventional housing, into the arena of smarter homes that are unique, energy efficient, and durable. The idea of prefabricated homes has become the perfect response to this solution, which has led to the initiation of a major revolution in the housing industry worldwide. Prefabricated homes, ever since its inception, have evolved rapidly from container homes and panelized housing to the more advanced form of modern prefabricated housing. Modern prefabricated homes for sale offer the benefits of innovative design, enhanced functionality, and weather resistance. This has led to a skyrocketing […]

When Buying Land for Prefab Homes

Selecting and buying the land for your prefab home is the most important part, since it will determine the rest of the building process. One of the most preferred ways to start the search of an appropriate land is by contacting a real estate agent. They can help you in getting the type of land according to your preferences, find the best-suited location for you, as well as keep an eye on many other factors. Deciding on whether you prefer a vacant land in a modular home community or a neighborhood is also highly important. Zoning of the land for […]

The Benefits of Prefabricated Eco Friendly Homes

The idea of prefabricated homes is not entirely a new concept and has been around for some decades. Yet it is only recently that they have witnessed a growing popularity among the buyers as a viable alternative option than traditional housing choices. Prefabricated homes are the new trend in the housing market due to the many advantages they offer to the buyers. This is a relief for many low-income sections of the society in affording a decent housing solution for their living. Eco-friendly prefabricated homes are the latest addition in the alternative housing industry. Modern prefab homes are specially designed […]

Manufactured Homes Alternative Construction

To increase the use of technology and to encourage innovation in the manufactured housing industry, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) allows prefabricated home manufacturers to make houses in accordance with their “Alternative Construction of Manufactured Homes” regulations. A prefab home manufacturer should request to the HUD an Alternative Construction (AC) letter for houses that do not conform to the normal requirements in the Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards at shipment time. With the alternative construction, HUD permits manufacturers to use new techniques and designs that are not in compliance with the standards set by HUD. The […]

Tie Downs and Anchors for Manufactured Homes

All mobile and manufactured homes need to be tied down, but this should be done in accordance to the specifications that are given by the home manufacturer. In case of used mobile or manufactured homes, which do not have the tie down instructions of the manufacturer, the home should be tied down in accordance with the specifications and regulations set by the local authorities. In fact, each county is responsible to ensure the compliance with the tie down rules and regulations via permitting and inspections. Tie Downs The type of tie down that you need to use depends on the […]

How to Get Mortgage on Modular Homes

Getting a mortgage on your modular home without having a good knowledge on what you are doing will certainly cost you thousands of your valuable savings. So, make sure to thoroughly understand how to get a modular home mortgage, as it will help you to steer away from potential dangers. If you have decided to build a modular home, then you will have to initially set a budget and come with a rough estimate of what you are willing to spend on your new home. Consulting with your homebuilder will help you to know what sort of modular home you […]