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Selecting and buying the land for your prefab home is the most important part, since it will determine the rest of the building process. One of the most preferred ways to start the search of an appropriate land is by contacting a real estate agent. They can help you in getting the type of land according to your preferences, find the best-suited location for you, as well as keep an eye on many other factors. Deciding on whether you prefer a vacant land in a modular home community or a neighborhood is also highly important.

Zoning of the land for your modular home is yet another important thing to consider when selecting and buying a plot. For this, it is good to rely on the services of a real estate agent, as they can determine whether the land is flood zoned or has any prohibitions in building prefab homes.


The location is a crucial factor in selecting the land for building your prefab home. Modular home parks offer the benefits of a community living that come with its own advantages.

Opting for a vacant land in the countryside is preferred for seclusion and privacy in living. The availability of vacant lands at affordable rates outside city areas makes it a viable option in buying the land.

However, when selecting such locations in remote areas, the flood zoning is a key factor to consider, as many of them may be designated for farming purposes. On the other hand, there is the presence of extra monthly maintenance fees and rent for the land in modular home communities.

Use of Land

The usage of the land remains another essential factor while opting for a particular land for prefab home building. For regular living, a modular park community or a plot in a good residential neighborhood is more than enough. However, remote pieces of land can also be opted if you intend to use it for recreational needs or for farming purposes. Other extra additions for your home like sunrooms, porches, etc., also need to be considered when selecting a land.

Existing Prefab Homes

Existing prefabricated homes in your selected area might help you in securing the financing for the home easily. A vacant land with no nearby prefab homes, can cause some troubles in the financial aspects. This is due to the preference by mortgage lenders in knowing about the various housing styles on vacant plots that they finance.