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When visitors come knocking on your doors, the first impression is often made on the front door. Affordable prefab homes may or may not have a front porch, so it is important to place a door with the right styling, material, and space to liven up the looks of your home. Below is how you can ensure a grand entry for all visitors.

Choose Substance over Style Quotient

You can afford to go all-posh when vying on the style quotient, but do ensure the front door color matches with your home décor. Style quotient involves carvings if any, and the door color and the pattern can be either contemporary or traditional. Do keep a space for the windowsill also, so that you get a clear view from both outside and inside the prefab home.

Choose Ideal Raw Material for Carving

The most self-sufficient doors don’t wear and tear easily and assist the styling work you are planning to do. You can draw carvings only on wood, on the glass the process is known as engraving. The result would be pretty much the same with a simple carving such as an elegant bust. Great craftsmen would be able to conceive the bust you want and carve accordingly.

Fasten up with Deadbolt Lock

Deadbolts are cylinder type lock that comes in either singles or doubles. Once you are done with fastening work, it is time to place the lock on your front door. Dead bolt locks are hard to break into for an outsider, let alone for perpetrators. Do choose singles over doubles if you only require a mild lock, and vise verse.

Tips to Ensure Grand Entry

The prefabricated homes manufacturer would take care of all the fastening work with appropriate screws to place the front door on an even-keel. If they make a minor mistake whilst leveling the front door as per the wall space and the door hole, it would result in a redo.

Most affordable prefabricated homes have different types of doors such as a single door and a double door. Double doors would add space underneath and increase the height of your entrance, whereas single doors are lighter in comparison. Ask your home manufacturer which one is the best suited for your home, and settle for one that fits your budget.