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Modular Home Roof Maintenance

One of the most vital benefits of modular homes construction is the level of control that the builders have over the quality of construction. As various components of the home are built in controlled factory environments, before assembling the modules on site, there is less chance of errors and damages. An excellent example is the roof construction for modular homes. Factory construction of roofs and other modules will ensure adherence to strict standards and codes.

Typically, modular homes will have roofs with a peak of 3:12 ratio, so that the roof can clear overpasses while it is transported to the construction site. However, modular homes are also available with higher pitched roofs if the customer insists, as some people believe that higher pitched roofs are more attractive.

Higher pitched roofs can offer more attic space and are very efficient at repelling snow and rain. In addition, with the introduction of tilt up roofs, buyers have the option to increase or decrease the tilt, as the two portions of the roof will be hinged to allow for tilting.

Modular home roofs can be seamed or seamless, made of asphalt shingles or aluminum. Aluminum is much feasible and lightweight option that can be repaired by the homeowner itself, but asphalt shingles are more commonly used, owing to the aesthetic value. Both these roofing types need similar basic maintenance as other roofs, and this includes keeping leaves and debris out of the roof and periodically examining the roof for damages and leak.

Some of the small holes in modular home roofs can be repaired using rubber or silicon cement. This can be done by the homeowner itself, but larger holes need professional repair.

You may also modify the roof of your home to increase its beauty. Modifications to the roof of your modular home will change its look and appeal. Changing the roof of the home is the easiest modification that you can make to your home without spending much money.

In fact, there are many modifications, which you can do to improve the look of your home. You may increase the height and angle of the roof, add decorative dormers or gables, extend awnings, or change the basic shingles to architecture shingles to add more personality to your home and roof.