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A Few Factors that Affect Prefabricated House Pricing

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Prefabricated House Pricing

It is true that there is no simple answer to “What is a general price estimate for a prefabricated home?” or “What is the price of a prefab home?” Yet if you are planning to buy a new prefab home for you and your family to live in, then having an idea on the factors that determine the price of prefabricated homes is crucial.

This is because if you know the factors that affect the price of a prefabricated house, then it will certainly help you to strike a better deal when you are buying the house. Below are a few factors that affect the price of prefabricated houses.

Number of Modules

Most of the ranch homes usually have a higher cost per square footage, but the total cost of building a ranch home is a lot less than that of a two-story prefab home. However, you should note the fact that building a two-story home needs just a smaller foundation for achieving more square footage.

Most of the two-story prefab homes require extra modules, which in turn increase the overall cost of building the housing structure. Apparently, if your prefabricated house needs more than a few modules, then you will have to pay a higher transportation fee.

Quality of Installation

Prefab home manufacturers provide a wide variety of service levels to their customers. They will help you to prepare your building site, they will assemble the modules of your newly built prefabricated house and they will also perform the necessary finish works.

If you are thinking about doing some of these works on your own, then we highly recommend you to rethink your options, as doing these works without the help of a professional can cause serious damage to your house. This will in turn decrease the value of your home.

Bonus Home Features

There are many optional extras or bonuses that you can have in your prefabricated house. Each of them will have significantly positive impact on the price of your home. Two of the common add-ons used by prefab homeowners are flooring and cabinetry.

Most prefab homes come with unfinished plywood or carpeting floors. If you upgrade it to oak flooring, then it will increase the cost of your factory built home. Similarly, if you insist on using high quality solid wood for the cabinetry in your house, then it will help you to gain a few more dollars when you are selling the house.